Why do we need to use Grammarly?

I am not having a bad intention or a bad mouth against Grammarly… What bothers me is the fact that we have to use it… But why do we have to use it? My shortest and clearest answer to ‘why do we have to use it question” would be: Nobody is that perfect when the question is writing! Writing perfect with every facade of it is nearly extremely difficult! Nobody is that sensitive nor care that much the punctuation, syntax, grammatical structures, or perfect spelling of the words.  Well, I don’t mean we can’t do it! Of course, we can! But when you write, you generally focus more on what you’re writing rather than the grammatical structures of the sentences or spellings. That would slow you down anyway! I can’t keep concentrating on my spelling or punctuation or whatever… I may simply need to write my story or whatever ı want about anything… I don’t have editors working for me 🙂  But thanks to Grammarly you have an editor

Do you dare to Grammarly?

If you think you don’t need one! You can try writing just a paragraph to see how good you are 😉 And after writing check your text by activating the Grammarly extension. The less red-underlined sentences mean the better you are…  If you have no red-underlined sentences at all, send a screenshot copy to Grammarly staff and let them see how a good writer you are 😉 But somehow the day may come and you may give up keep concentrating on your writing with every facade of it and may fall into the love of making words by typing them and may make a mistake… That’s not a bad thing no worries about it. To be perfect is not our nature. But learning by seeing and noticing is already a way towards perfection. This our true nature! Be daring, accepting, but not rejecting.

Why do we need to use Grammarly?

Grammarly works really fine and it makes you earn more time and makes you a better writer. And of course, this makes you look more professional. This what you can do with the free one. If you want to be the best then you have to pay 11 dollars a month or more… But till that perfect writing skills, a free one would make use and make you understand how it exactly works. I appreciate their database about this ‘text writing correcting’ thing. The free Chrome extension is really good at its job.

While the team behind Grammarly pay the piper, most of the professional daily writers or editors are enjoying of Grammarly doing its job 🙂 Or else you would you make people earn money out of you );));););); I was just kidding 😉

For whom it is not necessary

Grammarly is not necessary for those who don’t care what they mean is beyond the words 😉 and for those who think the perfection of a paragraph doesn’t matter that much

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