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What Refrains Us when we are learning a foreing language?

Why do we want to learn a language? why do we like learning something new and then get bored of it? Yes, that’s true! We get bored of something we learn and maybe you might have already been bored of a learning system that you have been attending! it is one of the most frequently happening ” things” we came across during our experiences of years of teaching. Well, there is a saying in English 🙂 Boredom is forever. That explains everything right? Really? Does it really explain everything? But what refrains us when we learning a language? Well, literally, nothing. But still, let’s try to give a sense to the word ”nothing”. Might it be our comfort fondness in the mind? Or could it be our habit of postponing things till later? And that later never or seldom comes…right? We mostly have no tangible excuses.  If so, let me ask if you have ever been reminded that, a rolling stone gathers no moss!

Let’s touch back to the English learning systems. Well, ”we teachers” know that it is not difficult to get to a very good level in English both in speaking and writing. As far as you have enough patience like about 2 years. But we mention about getting to a very good level of English. So there is nothing to worry or hurry about.. you don’t need to speak a very good level of English. Let’s say ”all you need is to start speaking and keeping its practicing for about 3 months more, and then you deal the rest yourself in your daily life”. (but in case if you have friends that you can practice in English with)

in spite of doing your very best for about a year in ”English speaking classes” but not getting the result you like to achieve, then it means that you are doing something but it is not quick enough to get you to the result you desire. In this case, you must wait some more months. And then you may achieve the result you like but still, it may end as a fiasco. In such a circumstance, what you should do is ”choosing a conservative method. Because we think that classical methods that consist of writing and listening in group classes are not enough to trigger your speaking ability. Nevertheless, speaking ability does not consist of only writing and listening but systematic integration of them with more coercive speaking methods.

Concordantly, any speaking based method is a unique system that combines, listening, writing and especially speaking. Every teaching system accepts that the best way of learning a language goes through speaking it, but not only writing or listening. As a result, your efforts, your hunger and every step you made lead you to the result you like many times faster than any other methods.

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