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Can you tell which one is the latest model?

Has technology really advanced? Is Technology a simple software on the interface 

Is technology simply an interface we see on mobile devices? Everything we do with technological devices is part of an immaculate system that we have always been discovering. For some of us who have no idea about what’s happening in the background of that interface, things are quite complex. Because there, there is coding and inner and outer hardware design, and the software is generally worn by the outer hardware or vice versa correlatively. But still, what ı am trying to explain is, the better hardware design that combines with a better outer design is still nothing but more than an interface on a glass screen.

Inside is not as we we think of

The most professional one is the cooperation of both sides. That is, the hardware and the software. Think about mobile phones. A very better design of hardware and faultless coding makes a successful combination. And thus, resulting in amazing handy devices. But when you break them open to see what’s inside? You’ll notice that it is just a combination of ugly metals, plastic, or some other parts that look not better than what it gives on the screen of devices. Even though what’s happening inside is very complex, the inner parts are quite ugly and don’t seem to be very advanced technologically. Not at least as we see in science fiction movies. In movies, what we generally see inside the devices makes us think as if they are from another planet. Well, in the movies they are actually from other planets 🙂 But for earthly devices, they never show inside 🙂


Screens are the actual

Apart from the ugly parts inside technological devices, all the magic we see is on the screens of these devices. Computers, tablets, mobile phones, and all the others. The trick is on the screen but not beneath (inside) the screen. Depending on what aspect you approach what ı am going to say, you might be both right and wrong. Let’s dive into what ı mean.

When you break a modern mobile device open to see what’s inside, all you are going to see are simple mini devices that don’t look pleasant or not as we expect from their outer designs. That’s the same even for the best smartphones.

If someone breaks open up 2 mobile devices to their green boards, one from 2010 and the other from 2020, and puts them in front of you, can you distinguish the difference at first glance? Can you tell which one is the latest model? Probably not. But from their outer design, you can distinguish it easily, can’t you?

The technology we think is not advancing as we expect

‘Breaking the devices’ example ı gave above is nearly the same not only for mobile devices but for many devices like radios, hi-fi systems, tablets, smart TV’s They all have similarly same ugly and not modern looking inner parts as their ancestors from 20 years ago or more. They all technically have the same hardware technology. What basically changes is their make-up!

But on the other hand, a comparison of a cassette player (music or video) and today’s players would be an exceptional example which we can think of as real technological progress. Because that’s a real change both inside and outside. But still, you’ll see the same simple green board inside. The same example can be given for push-button phones and today’s real touch phones. That could be considered as real progress as well. But we can’t say the same for what they have inside.

On the other side, as ı have pointed out above, depending on what aspect you approach the technology, things might be interpreted differently. And ı am not talking about the coding part of things. That green board full of tin solder might look ugly and quite similar to their ancestors from 20 years ago. But they are nearly completely different in terms of tech. Keeping in mind; Today’s technology is founded on that ugly board which is everything for engineers and it is also a passing phase to future technologies.

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