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Mission to Mars is hardly a 2-way ticket?

Mission to Mars is soon possible! We’ve built everything. Even though it has been a great step for humankind but a small step for a single person, we’ve landed on the moon and came back onto the earth. But it’s not enough at all. That’s a fact we all accept!

I don’t mean to stop of course! Au contraire, we build more to know more, and the more we know we notice how little we know.

Mission to Mars has actually been a many lives-worth of a mission. We can’t expect this advancement to fit into one individual’s life. Technology is science, and science consists of its ancestors. Some have contributed more, some have less. Some of them became a landmark and had their names written in history like Einstein, Da Vinci, Newton, Stephen Hawking…Some of them didn’t get even any reputation. 

Even though we notice how less we know about out there in the space, thanks to those great men’s contributions. We are now on the verge of discovering more about space and going to go on the surface of Mars to evaluate the chance of living on that hostile surface.

What are the preparations for Mission to Mars?

Some very recent studies have already begun for the people who’ll live on mars. Behavioral analysis and many psychological and physiologic tests besides many other kinds of researches. Tests being observed by experts to evaluate the prospective possibilities for the people who will be willingly living on Mars for the future of the next generation of human civilization. One of the worst things about it is that there are no Piggly wiggly shops that’ll entice your appetite with beautiful colors but dust, soil, and no oxygen at all. Although Mars and Earth are neıghbours in a spatial sense, the red planet’s nature is naturally hostile for the fragile anatomy of people and has nothing similar to the mother nature here on earth.

Going to Mars is a one-way ticket trip at the moment

It takes us nearly 4 – 7 months to get on the surface of Mars! And this journey will probably take place in a spacecraft which is not many times bigger than a plane. And that plane will be equipped with the ultimate technology here on earth. That seems enough to survive in the venomous space during the travel. But it seems we neither can afford to come back, nor we have the proper technology to accomplish the two-way trip. Even if it is possible It’ll probably take an enormous amount of money which needs to be wasted. And that stands as an inconvenient option which is in the pocket. But we still have some time ahead and no one knows what’ll happen even in 2 years. 

According to a recent project, those who couldn’t have the opportunity for going to Mars will have a chance to send their names on Mars. You can check this link

??I think we still need some more time to be able to go and be back from Mars. Technology is rapidly evolving in some sectors and it is quite possible that we’ll succeed in making it a 2-way ticket 

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