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Monetizing web sites with Adsense


Trying to earn with your content? Do your best to get Adsense

This blog should rather call the attention of those who like to earn money out of their blogs and understand the difference between Adsense and the others. Well, Adsense is completely the best platform for monetizing your content and your website. Considering it might take some time you need to read and understand every detail of their policies to show compliance with your approval process. Simply, you fully need to adapt your site to their policies cause they really help you earn good enough as far as you are creating unique and worth reading blogs. As a recommendation: Never write for Adsense! Write for readers!

Monetizing web sites with AdSense compared to others

Well, as a blogger living in Turkey I have experienced a couple of different monetizing platforms. But that was not satisfying at all. Even though they exaggerate their earning rates for publishers, rare of them can challenge against Adsense. How do I know that?  I have spent enough time with others while trying to deal out with Adsense policies. And finally, I have discovered the difference.

My Adsense approval story actually goes back to 4 years ago. During these 4 years, I had to try my chance with others at different time intervals. Totaly I can say that I have stayed on the others about a year and tested the analytics. I mean ı have tried the others long enough.

During these 4 years, I have had the opportunity of using the others’ ad codes on my blogs. And this is not a complete 1 year of staying… And not with a single site! I have tried it on two different blogs of mine with different time intervals.  Nearly 6 months with each or sort… Also because Adsense was not approving my blogs for being inconvenient with their policies, ı had no choice and ı was still not aware of what could the difference between Adsense and the others be!  So considering my analytics with nearly six months for each, my experience with the others was a waste of time when I finally discovered Adsense earnings…

How did I notice the difference?

Well, that’s why ı am writing this blog 😉

After a long time of trial with others, (I was actually bored as well for that non-worthy ads) I gave up using the ad codes of the others’ and sometime later I have prepared another blog with the blogger and added unique contents of course. And I was still not hopeful but tried to apply again. And it was done. I was accepted. Cause this time, the blog I have prepared was complying with Adsense policies. What ı am trying to underline is not passing the Adsense policies but the comparison of earning with others. So shortly… After about 15 days of Adsense experience, here is my result. In 15 days, I earned more of the amount than the others made me earn in 6 months. And this is happening just in 2 weeks of experience with Adsense. That’s an earning and earning is a motivation 🙂 Let me make it clearer with example numbers. Let’s say I have earned about 20 dollars with the others’ in six months and 9 dollars with Adsense in 2 weeks. Well I know it is not enough to live with this earning. But as a beginner, I can say that this is a motivating amount to make you create better content and earn more of course. 

There are many different monetizing platforms. But not them all pay a good amount of money for 1000 page views. This is called CPM and CPM varies depending on the country you are getting the traffic from. For the moment it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the best-paid traffic comes from The United States countries and Canada. But Adsense keeps making changes to their policies regarding this earning matter. This may mean the best-paid earnings don’t have to come from America or Canada. Sometimes the best-paid traffic may come from Europe or depending on the bid an advertiser offers in your country. As a result, I can say that Forget the rest Adsense is the best! 🙂

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